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The message from Harry Belafonte & Usher Raymond

“The Hub is a dynamic central online destination for communities, organizations, thought leaders, artists, activists and allies to organize, connect and communicate to build a more effective social movement. By providing a highly visible framework The Hub utilizes technology, information and culture to encourage and coordinate users to; act, learn, share and create to build transformational power. We believe that the principles of focused non-violent direct action movements are the guiding force that will lead us toward a peaceful, just and sustainable global society.”

Mission Statement

Artists and performers are in a unique position to shape our society’s cultural and moral destiny – to cast light on pressing issues and to use their creative gifts to inspire action. The Hub is a dynamic online destination to connect fans with the artists, organizations and movements that work for change. Through the Hub you can learn, share and take action to become a part of the effort to build a better world.